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Everyone is welcome at our Amateur Radio Events. Please visit us or join us on our daily net to learn more.
Evening Radio Net

Join us every day, year round, at 6:00pm on 145.500 MHz, negative offset and no PL.
  Saturday Breakfasts

Join us for our weekly breakfast meeting, 9:00am every Saturday at the Stagecoach Restaurant, 904 W. Main St, Quartzsite.
  Morning Coffee

Join us for morning coffee and treats in the winter at the Quartzsite Bakery, 9:00am, Monday thru Friday.
QuartzFest Hamfest

 Join us every January for this hamfest. Learn more at www.QuartzFest.org
  Yuma Hamfest 

Visit the Yuma Hamfest every February. Learn more at www.YumaHamFest.org
   Parades & Community

Volunteer for radio support in local parades and community events.




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